BitBoy loves playing  video games and has an awesome collection of video game characters.


             He can be a bit smug

           sometimes but not to the

point of being annoying or mean. He actually has quite a lovable personality and shows great support and enthusiasm towards others with similar interests as his own. It’s just that he knows what he’s good at and he’s going to let 

   you know about it, too!

Quick facts

Heritage: Dutch

Birthday: 14 May

Fave colour: Sonic blue

Fave food: Meat-lover’s pizza

Likes: Games, technology, winning, gadgets, action films

Dislikes: Cheaters, power black-outs

Saying: Game on!

Fave Bible verse: ‘Follow God’s rules for a happy life’ Deuteronomy 5:29.

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Gaming is my life! I love reporting on games I get to preview and play and think there’s nothing better than sharing my interest in games— the good and bad about them—with our readers.
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