Quick facts

Heritage: Japanese

Birthday: 2 November

Fave colour: Sugar white

Fave food: Sushi

Likes: Cooking, eating, making a mess, parties, good friends

Dislikes: Soggy vegetables

Saying: Iku-ze (Let’s do this!)

Fave Bible verse: ‘God saw all that he had made, and it was very good’ Genesis 1:31.

My passion is food, cooking and creating recipes. But what I really love is teaching Kidzone readers how to make and bake some of my favourite tasty treats!
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Latest from Cheffy

      Cheffy is usually

       very quiet and

      focused but you

   definitely know

   when he’s around

   due to the amazing

   smells that come from his kitchen.

He absolutely loves food and likes to do things perfectly. He sets high standards and gets upset when things don’t seem to be working out but none of the Kidzone team are going to ever say anything bad—his food tastes amazing—but be warned, never take a bite without first asking!