Jym is a very good sports player—tough, athletic 
and a loyal team mate.


Some would say he’s somewhat bossy but really he’s just a no-nonsense person who loves encouraging people to stay active and healthy. He has a can-do attitude that makes him pretty much unstoppable and it’s not often you’ll see him without some piece of sports equipment close by!

Quick facts

Heritage: French

Birthday: 10 December

Fave colour: Aussie Gold

Fave food: Oranges

Likes: being active, competition, training, Chariots of Fire

Dislikes: laziness, junk food

Saying: Keep on movin’!

Fave Bible verse: ‘Christ gives me the strength to face anything’ Philippians 4:13.

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I write about sports being played in Australia and around the world and interview players to give you the latest news and information.
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