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Sock Snowman

What you need:

1 white sock, 1 small coloured sock, around 2 cups rice, 2 elastic bands, orange pom-pom, ribbon, 2–3 buttons, glue, permanent marker


  1. Pour rice into sock and push down into the toe.

  2. Once you have enough rice to make a nice round body, tie an elastic band around the sock just above the rice.

  3. Pour more rice into the sock to make the head—this should be smaller than the body. Use another elastic band to tie off the head.

  4. Place the small sock over the elastic tie at the top and over the snowman head to make a beanie.

  5. Tie a ribbon around the elastic band that separates the body and head to make a scarf.

  6. Glue buttons onto the front of the body and glue the pom-pom onto the front of the head for the nose.

  7. Use permanent marker to dot on some eyes.

Did you know that no two snowflakes are the same? A bit like us—unique and special! God made us all different and he thinks we're all very special. "You made me in an amazing and wonderful way," Psalm 139:14.

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