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Story: Miitopia is a peaceful place...that is, until the Dark Lord steals everyone’s faces. Now, it’s up to players to lead a team of Mii™ characters in turn-based battles to save the kingdom and restore the stolen faces. This is going to take some real skill; players have to not only be a good warrior but also a good friend and relationship expert. Understanding and nurturing their team is the key to success.

Features: - Build lookalike Mii characters with the Mii Maker then assign the characters to a role—you can make your best mate an ally or cast your most-feared teacher as the Dark Lord. - Give your Mii allies certain jobs with specific gear; a warrior wields a powerful sword and is skilled in attack and defence while a chef wields a trusty frypan and can cook up cures or stir up trouble. - You’ll have to manage the different personalities of the team members to make sure relationships don’t get explosive! While you control the main character, the computer controls the rest so their choices are based on the way you created them at the beginning. - With characters in play you can explore the kingdom of Miitopia—a world of lush landscapes, ferocious beasts, and a face-stealing bully. - Prepare to face enemies as you explore the kingdom. Defeat the enemies to get points, in-game gold, and food items...and the stolen faces they’re wearing! - Learn new abilities to improve your chances in battle—you’ll have to master attack skills, personality skills and friend skills. - Rest up at the Inn. Feed your hungry Mii characters the food they love to permanently boost their stats, strengthen their abilities, and earn them bonus points. Each character will like different foods better than others; you’ll have to get to know their specific needs to give them a boost. - The Inn is also a great place for the characters to build relationships and strengthen bonds. - Customise your characters’ looks and weapons at the Inn, you can also use compatible amiibo to get that character’s in-game Mii costume, e.g. you can have a Mii Zelda or a Mii Bowser.

POWER UP: The key to success in the game of Miitopia is the friendships of your Mii characters—to save Miitopia they must all unite. When I think of a good friend who knows me and understands me more than anyone else I think of Jesus. But Jesus doesn’t live in a video game, he’s out here in the world with us. Better still, we have the opportunity to let him be a special part of our lives. Ask him to be your friend—it’ll be the key to your success! “You have looked deep into my heart, God, and you know all about me,” Psalm 139.

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