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I Love Music!

I love music! When I’m listening to a good song I can feel it move through my body so it is impossible to stay still. We all know music is great for getting us moving, motivated and dancing but did you know just how much our bodies respond to music? It’s actually kind of mind-blowing!

  • People suffering from a stutter find that if they sing what they are saying, they won’t stutter.

  • Music can help with memory. If you find a way to sing something you want to remember, it will be much easier to recall.

  • Music increases brain activity so it can actually help make you smarter! It is especially good for math.

  • Your heartbeat may sync to the rhythm of the music you listen to.

  • Music can help you feel better—the right kind of music can improve your mood, make you feel less anxious, calmer and even happier.

  • Ever listen to a song that makes you feel so good you get goosebumps? This is because the music has activated a part of the brain, which then releases a chemical called dopamine to the nerves producing a chill.

  • Singing songs with others can help build stronger bonds, friendship and caring with those people because it wakes up parts of the brain that are for socialising.

  • Music is great for our mental health because it activates the parts of the brain that make us feel good.

  • Music can stop us feeling tired.

There are lots of people doing more to learn about the connection between music and our minds and bodies. Next time you are listening to some sweet tunes, take a moment to see how you are feeling!


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