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Music updates!

You can’t dance without music and the type of music helps set up the moves. So a classical music piece will get a ballet dancer on their toes, a pop song will move those jazz dancers, and the street beats of hip-hop will get groovers popping, locking and freestyling all over the pavement.

A lot of people (read parents) think hip-hop music is all gangsta and violence but there are a bunch of brilliant Christian artists writing and performing music with epic back beats, smooth overtones and, most importantly, positive Christian messages that flow through their songs. But don’t go thinking these hip-hop artists are soft; some of their music has some serious power!Here’s a few worth turning the volume up on:

• To hear the messages of the Bible summed up in the coolest way ever Beautiful Eulogy’s song 'Vital Lens' has got you covered. The group’s songs and style are all about opening up our eyes (and ears) to God.

Tedashii has a smooth, uplifting and super easy to dance to style that is backed up by his determination to push through tough times with positivity.

Lecrae is one of the most well-known Christian hip-hop artists around and has his own Christian Record Label —Reach Records.

Derek Minor is another powerhouse in the Christian hip-hop scene with a string of hit songs to his name and some cool collabs with other artists.

Introducing The Kid Laroi 15 year-old Redfern local The Kid Laroi is well on his way to living out his dream on the Australian hip-hop music scene. His latest single 'Blessings' hits all the right notes:

Blessings Blessings, never stressing I wake up I pray to God lead me in the right direction Yeah, wake up I count my Blessings, never stressing I wake up I pray to God hoping that he get my message, yeah


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