KZ Mother's Day Card

Show your mum how much you love her this Mother's Day by making her a card that’s unique and creative.

  • Thin card 21cm x 14.5cm, scissors, card template (download below), glue, textas, stickers or ribbons or scrapbooking shapes (optional)

  1. Fold thin card in half.

  2. Choose your favourite template from the two in the downloadable file. Cut it out and glue it onto the front on the card.

  3. On the inside of the card write your mum a poem or special message (you could write it in her favourite colour) and don't forget to thank her for everything she does for you.

  4. Use stickers, ribbons, textas or scrapbooking shapes to decorate the inside of the card you might want to make it really personal by drawing a picture of your mum or drawing some of her favourite things.

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