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Netball Maze

Netball is a game of skill and strategy. Players have positions that they must keep and these positions are very effective in the game. Because the players can’t move when they have the ball they have to quickly make decisions on who to pass to; this makes netball very fast-paced and exciting to watch. To get an idea of how the ball travels down a netball court, make this fun ball maze – don’t forget to add a few hazards along the way!

An adult’s help, cardboard box, drinking straws, glue, scissors, black marker, marbles

1. Draw out the lines of a netball court on the inside of your box.

2. Cut and bend straws to size to create your maze.

3. When you are happy with how your maze looks, glue down your straws and wait a few minutes to dry.

4. Choose one end to be the start and the other end to be your goal.

5. Cut a hole at the goal end, just bigger than the size of your marble.

6. Cut other holes around the maze, to make the game harder, mark these holes as though they are from the opposite team (eg. WD, GD, WA).

7. Take your marble onto the court. To make it more challenging try to get a few marbles around the court at the same time without losing any through the holes.

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