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Sand Experiments

Sand can be made up of many different materials; for example, sand on the beach can be a mixture of local rock, old broken shells and coral.

You’ll notice that every beach has a different kind of sand, from coarse and yellow shorelines to soft, white, very fine, squeaky sand. Whatever form the sand takes, there is always plenty to do with it. Try these two fun experiments that take normal play sand and turn it into something else amazing and fun!


Moon Sand

3 cups of sand, 2 cups cornflour, 1 cup baby oil

  1. In a large bowl, mix together sand and cornflour.

  2. Slowly add the baby oil and work in.

  3. Try the mix out, if it is a little dry add a small amount of water.

  4. The moon sand will compact together easily and have a fine texture, giving it that moon-sandy feel!

  5. Store in a sealed container.


Waterproof Sand

Adult's help, play sand, spray can of waterproofer, foil tray, bowl of water (for play).

  1. Spread 1 or 2 cups of sand evenly across the bottom of the foil tray.

  2. Get an adult to coat the sand with the waterproofer until wet. Do this outside, preferably with a mask on.

  3. When the sand has dried, turn it over, coat again and wait to dry.

  4. Repeat step 3.

  5. Test the sand in a glass of water, if it gathers together in globs it is resisting the water and is ready for play.

  6. Fill a glass bowl with water and slowly add handfuls of the sand and watch it sink to the bottom.

  7. Reach in and pull the sand out; it’s dry! Amazing!

  8. When you finish playing, scoop the dry sand out and store in a jar for next time.

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