Quick facts

Heritage: American

Birthday: 6 June

Fave colour: Burnt Orange

Fave food: Muesli bars, bananas

Likes: Adventure, holidays, orienteering, photography

Dislikes: Blisters, hunters, environmental disasters

Saying: I’m outta here!

Fave Bible verse: ‘Go and preach the good news of Jesus to everyone in the world’ Mark 16:15.

My job is very exciting—I give readers information about different countries, cities and tourist destinations—I love an
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The Traveller is a real outdoorsy person, confident, brave and curious about the world she lives in.

She lives an exciting life and is never still—she loves taking selfies or grabbing a group photo with people she meets whenever she goes places or experiences something interesting. If she’s not away on some adventure you can be sure she’s planning where she’ll be going next.

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