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Music Stars and their Birdy Counterparts!

Pop star royalty Taylor Swift will be performing a song from her seventh studio album at the MTV Video Music Awards this Monday 26 August.

The album drops just three days before the performance so whichever song she chooses to sing it will be as fresh as a daisy to the ears of fans.

A Swift bird is a fast aerial flyer with the ability to rotate their wings so that they can move swiftly in different directions.

Interesting fact:

Swifts make their nests out of their own saliva and stick to cliff tops. These nests are considered gourmet food in china, finding their way into birds-nest soup!


Drake made no secret of his deep and passionate love for NBA team the Toronto Raptors and after their first ever NBA title win he even released two new tracks in their honour.

The singer also recently teamed up with LA Lakers star LeBron James to launch the digital platform Uninterrupted in Canada. The platform is a space where professional sports people share their stories and experiences.

In the bird kingdom a Drake is a male duck.


Adele fans are certain she is about to release a brand new album which will be the first in four years. Her previous albums; 19, 21 and 25 have all been named after her age at the time of recording, so now that the singer is 31, can we expect that this will be the name of the album?

Weird fact: The swimming, non-flying Adélie Penguins of Antarctica get their name from the wife of a French explorer named Adéle Dumonte d’Urville.

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