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Let's make a Mini Foam Fan Finger!

WHAT YOU NEED: An adult’s help, craft foam or felt in twocolours, scissors, glue, foldback clips

  1. Spread foam out on a table with the top side facing up (if there is a di erence between top and bo om). Make a #1 sign with your finger and lay it down on the foam as shown.

  2. Ask an adult to trace around your hand and finger and cut out.

  3. Run glue around all the edges of the cutout except the bo om.

  4. Press glued  nger onto the back side of the rest of the cra foam.

  5. Roughly cut out the foam around the  nger and hold together on edges with foldback clips until glue is dry.

  6. Meanwhile cut out a #1 on separate coloured foam and glue to front of  nger. Leave to dry.

  7. Once everything is dry, remove clips and trim around the uncut  nger to get a nice  nish.

  8. Place foam  nger on your real  nger to support your team.


The fan hand is an awesome way to show support for your fave team. By waving it around, you’re letting everyone know that you think your team is number one, the best, the most awesome team there is. The Bible reminds us how important is to put God number one in our lives in Matthew chapter 22, verse 37: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind”.

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