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New Release: BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!

Fan-favourite BoxBoy (Qbby) teams up with BoxGirl (Qucy) in a brand-new downloadable puzzle-platformer by Nintendo. Can you think outside the box to help Qbby and his pals solve tricky puzzles across 270 brain-teasing stages on a quest to protect the planet?


  • From platforms to portals, lasers to zero gravity, plenty of surprises await across 270 puzzle-filled stages.

  • Create boxes out of thin air to get around obstacles.

  • Make lots of boxes at once and arrange them in different ways: a straight line to make a bridge or as steps to reach higher places.

  • Collect Crowns in each stage to help on your mission.

  • Learn new techniques along the way, such as sliding boxes forward or even slamming them into the ground!

  • Help Qbby and Qucy complete their adventures and unlock more stages for their taller, rectangular friend Qudy to solve using his oblong-shaped boxes.

  • Co-op play brings the family together! Help BoxDad and BoxMom to reunite the BoxBaby with the others.

  • Clever boxes who collect Crowns and conquer stages will be rewarded with Target Medals.

  • Feeling a little plain? Use Target Medals to upgrade that boxy look with a snazzy new costume.

  • Buy in-game goodies at the Shop by spending Medals on Assist items as well as comics, music tracks and new Modes.



BoxBoy + BoxGirl challenges players to come up with brilliant ways to solve brain-bending puzzles and “save a world in peril”. The box planet is plagued with obstacles and to solve each stage, Qbby and Qucy must put their boxes—and heads—together! For BoxBoy and BoxGirl, it’s all about lending each other a hand.

During the Red Shield Appeal each year, thousands of people work together to collect money for The Salvation Army services that assist so many Aussies in need. The Salvos help people overcome all kinds of obstacles in life by providing shelter, counselling, food and clothing to name just a few.

Just like BoxBoy and BoxGirl, the Salvos love finding creative ways to love, care and support people and help save a world in peril.

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