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Kidzone Bag Tag!

What you need:

An adult’s help, scissors, laminating pouches, a laminator, Kidzone bag tags, string or split ring


1. Use scissors to carefully cut around the outline of the bag tags in the link below. Also carefully cut out the hole for attaching the tag to your bag.

2. Write your name in the space provided.

3. Place the bag tag/s in a laminating pouch.

4. Turn on the laminator and wait for it to heat up. Once it’s ready, carefully feed the laminating sheets through the laminator.

5. Wait for the bag tags to cool down and then carefully cut around them, leaving a 2 or 3 mm border around each one. Carefully cut out the hole, too.

6. Thread string or a split ring through the hole in the tag, then attach to your bag.

Click the image below to download and make our Kidzone bag tags!

Everyone knows it’s a good idea to put your name on your stuff. You might write your actual name on things (such as ‘Scarlett’ or ‘Ben’) or maybe a nickname (like ‘Scar’ or ‘Benno’). Did you know that God – who made the whole world and all the creatures and people in it -- knows your name? And not only that, God has a special nickname for you too: beloved (which means ‘dearly loved’). So, sure, you might not want to write ‘God’s beloved’ as your name on your rad Kidzone bag tag. But never forget, that is who you are!

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