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Shadow Puppet Theatre

Shadow puppet theatre: An empty cardboard box, a sheet of tissue paper, scissors or a craft knife, masking tape, a marker pen, a desk lamp or large torch and a helpful adult

Shadow puppet: An empty cereal box or sheet of thin cardboard, a popsicle stick, character template, a glue stick, scissors or a craft knife and an adult assistant

Character Template
Download • 341KB

Shadow puppet theatre: 1. Ask an adult to cut the flaps off of the open end of your box and cut out one of the large sides with the scissors so that it looks like the first picture.

2. Using the marker pen, draw a cool arch on the opposite large side, then get your helper to cut it out to make your shadow puppet’s stage.

3. Stick the tissue paper inside the arch, using the masking tape. You can also add a small border piece at the bottom if you want.

Shadow puppet:

1. Ask an adult to download, print and cut out the character template.

2. Glue the cut out template to the cardboard using your glue stick, then get an adult to cut around the template on the cardboard.

3. Glue your new cardboard character to the popsicle stick.

4. Light up your theatre from behind using a lamp or torch, and get puppeteering!

You might think of shadows as something to be scared of but, in the Bible, being in something’s shadow is to be protected by it—like a shady tree sheltering you from the sun on a hot day. ‘You have helped me, and I sing happy songs in the shadow of your wings,’ (Psalm 63:7).

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