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Everyone’s favourite crafty Mister is heading back to the land of Aus for another exciting live show.

That’s right, Mister Maker is here for a brand-new national tour in July and he’s promising all-new crafts, songs and adventures! It’s the first time the new show will be performed anywhere in the world so crafty Australians will get a head start on all the new creative inspo.

Super-excited about the tour, we asked Mister Maker to share some of his top secrets with us.

You’ve been Mister Maker now for over 10 years. What have you discovered over this time about encouraging creativity in kids?

That everyone is creative in their own way. People everywhere really love making stuff. If kids can make things together with their friends, siblings or parents it’s even better and really fun! Then you can all encourage each other to keep going, which will keep the spark alive.

What artists have you been inspired by?

In Mister Maker’s Arty Party series we did a whole section exploring the work of famous artists. I really liked the pieces we did inspired by the great American pop artist of the '60s, Andy Warhol. I love his really bright colours. We were able to use simple materials and techniques to produce similar stuff.

What is your favourite item in the doodle drawers?

It would have to be Scraps. Those moments where he pops out of the drawer are something I always enjoy. He’ll actually be making a small cameo in the new live show.

You’re about to tour Australia—what do you enjoy about being on the road?

Well, when we’re in Australia I love the weather! In the UK it’s much colder so I love visiting your beaches. In general, I just loving meeting people and the Mister Maker fans. Sometimes when people come up to me after a show the Mini Makers’ parents or grandparents tell me they also watch the show and are now inspired to create as well, so that’s fun.

What should audiences expect from a Mister Maker show?

I can’t give too much away because it’s a surprise, but everything we do on stage—the crafts, music and songs—have never been seen anywhere before in the world. This tour we’re also going to get the audience even more involved in the show. One lucky audience member will even be invited on stage to become one of The Shapes! It’s a really amazing and exciting show.

Will Tocky be joining you? How do you go crafting under Tocky’s pressure?

There will definitely be an appearance by Tocky in the show—he loves to keep an eye on me. It’s always a challenge for me to beat Tocky although he’s never beaten me yet. Once I had to make a really tricky craft. I practised and practised it beforehand. It was so hard but I managed to make it in 59 seconds with one second to spare – now that’s real pressure!

Not everything works out as planned—do you ever have a failed make during a live show?

I’ve never had a crafting fail at a live show – touch wood! However, once when we were shooting Mister Maker around the World in Hong Kong I had to make a craft outdoors that had loads of tissue paper bits. What we didn’t count on was how windy it would be. The bits of paper kept flying away! My Mini Maker assistant – a little boy – couldn’t stop laughing! Another time in England we were shooting outdoors and it was weirdly hot. My glue sticks all melted!

Maker clubs are popping up everywhere now—why do you think people of all ages are so drawn to creating their own things from scratch?

Nowadays everyone’s so into social media and technology, which I think has a place in the world, however I still think people really like the basics of making something with their own hands and getting messy. There’s also that excitement and pride in creating something – that’s what’s so engaging about art and crafts.

What top making tips would you give to our readers?

Firstly, be really proud of whatever you create. There’s no right or wrong in creativity. Secondly, have the confidence to just give something a go. And lastly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The best ideas often arise out of creative mistakes, so just go ahead and make something!


Mister Maker is awesome at making things, but do you know who is even more awesome? God! He is the best creator—not only did he make the world but he made us and has a plan for our lives.

In the Bible it says,

“God has made us what we are“ (Ephesians 2:10).

“He is the maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them“ (Psalm 146:6).

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