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Pipe Cleaner Critter

Pipe cleaners are a crafters best friend and can easily be turned into so many different things.

This pencil chameleon is made just by twisting the pipe cleaners around the pencil. You can follow my instructions to make the chameleon or try to make up your own critter.

What you need:

  • five green pipe cleaners, one red pipe cleaner, pencil, two googly eyes, glue


1. Make a circle for the head with half of one pipe cleaner

2. Hold against the end of pencil and wrap the remainder of the pipe cleaner around the circle and pencil.

3. Join the next pipe cleaner to the end of the first and keep wrapping around the pencil to form the body.

4. Join the next pipe cleaner to the end of the other and finish with a curly tail.

5. Take your last two pipe cleaners; put one towards the back of the body, wrap it around the body once to create two legs dangling on each side, bend for knees and feet.

6. Repeat step 5 at the front of the body so that your chameleon has four legs.

7. Push the red pipe cleaner through the top and curl the end for its long tongue.

8. Glue a googly eye onto each side of the head.

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