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Resurrection Garden

A wide-topped plant pot, a small round container (we used a cut-down bio-degradable seed pot), potting mix, selection of small stones, a large pebble, a few small plants or cuttings (e.g. herbs or succulents) a tea light candle (we used an inexpensive battery-operated one), small pieces of cardboard

1. Fill the pot with potting mix. Half bury the smaller pot so

you can still see the opening clearly. This is to represent the tomb Jesus was buried in.

2. Place the stones on the top of the soil to make a path to the ‘tomb’. Place the large pebble at one side of the ‘tomb’ to represent the stone that was rolled away.

3. Plant herbs or plants around the stones. We used thyme and rosemary.

4. Write ‘faith’, ‘love’ and ‘trust’ on the cardboard. Another great message to write would be ‘Jesus is alive’. Place the words in the garden.

5. Partially bury the tea light in the soil and your resurrection garden is complete.

Making a resurrection garden is a way for us to remember how Jesus came back to life from the dead--that’s what resurrection means. In our cartoon on pages 8 and 9 we read how Mary went to the tomb (another word for grave) where Jesus had been buried—and found it empty. Jesus was gone! Imagine her joy, then, when she meets Jesus in the garden. Imagine her excitement when she rushed to tell Jesus’ friends the amazing news that he was not dead—he was alive! Jesus walked out of the tomb with a new, eternal life and because of him we can have a new life, too. “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in him may not die but have eternal life” (John chapter 3, verse 16).You can read this awesome story in the Bible in John chapter 10, verses 1-18.

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