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Treasure Bottle

Holidays can be fun but it’s often hard to find fun things to do especially when the weather is not that good outside. Check out my treasure hunt bottle and make one for yourself or a friend.

One of the bottle’s main ingredients is rice. Did you know there are more than 40,000 different varieties of rice. Of the 40,000 varieties, more than 100 grow worldwide. Rice is the main food for half the people in the world. When it’s cooked, rice swells to at least three times its original eight. There are over 29,000 grains of rice in 450 grams of long grain rice.

What you need:

An adult’s help, an empty, clear plastic soft drink bottle, rice, glitter, ‘treasures’—small items to put into the bottle (i.e. key, button, paper clip, rubber band, nail, stone, toys, hair clip), super glue, paper


1. Take the label off of the bottle—make sure it’s clean and dry.

2. Make a list of your treasures or, if your treasure bottle is for pre-schoolers, take a photograph of them to print out on a computer. (This is to use later when you play the treasure hunt game.)

3. Put your little items into the bottle and fill two-thirds with the uncooked rice and glitter.

4. Seal the lid with super glue. Shake the bottle well to mix up the treasures and rice.

5. Play the game! At first the bottle might look like it’s filled only with rice, but roll it around and see how quickly you can find the items to mark o your list.

In the Bible, Jesus tells several stories to help us understand what heaven is like. In one of them, found in Matthew chapter 13, verse 44, he says heaven is like a treasure that is hidden. One day a man finds the treasure in a eld and is really excited. He sells everything he owns to buy the eld because he knows that this treasure is better than anything else in the world. Jesus told this story to explain how wonderful heaven is, so wonderful it’s like the best treasure in the world.

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