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Elastic Band Bouncy Ball

Balls are simple objects, not fancy or complicated but whether you play alone and bounce them against a wall and throw them in the air, or whether you play with a friend or two, they’re lots and lots of fun.

Bouncy balls are my favourite and you can make your own ‘super bouncy ball’ by following my instructions—have fun!

An adult’s help, aluminium foil, elastic bands (all sizes)

1. Crumple a piece of aluminium foil tightly.

2. Take a large elastic band and stretch it around the foil until it is tightly around it and there are no loose bits of elastic.

3. Repeat, using smaller elastic bands.

4. Continue wrapping the smaller rubber bands tightly over each other, until you need a larger sized rubber band to fit around the ball.

5. Keep wrapping elastic bands around and around, making sure there are no loose rubber bands on the ball. Keep going until the ball is as large as you like.

Rubber balls hit obstacles and bounce back—the harder they hit, the harder they bounce back. Sometimes we have to face some tough stuff in life—people saying unkind things, or obstacles that get in the way of us doing things we really want to do. If you know what you are doing is right then keep on strong. The Bible tells us to keep our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2) because he’s a great example of someone who didn’t give up, even when life’s events seemed so hard (Matthew 4 and 27). Ask Jesus to help you ‘bounce back’ when things are tough.

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