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Washer Pendants

An adult’s help, washers (around 4 cm), nail polish in different colours, clear nail polish, sticky tape, ribbon or string for hanging

1. Tape over parts of the washer and paint the uncovered parts with polish – leave to dry.

2. Use tape again to add another colour while protecting the parts already coloured–leave to dry.

3. Finish off with clear nail polish.

4. For a different look, colour the washer completely and leave to dry.

5. Cut pieces of tape into strips and stick around or along the washer. You could even try small dot stickers or stars. Paint in the uncovered spaces.

6. Finish with clear nail polish.

7. Double over the piece of string and thread it through the middle of the washer. Pass the loose ends through the looped end to form a knot.

8. Thread a bead through the string and push down to the knot. Tie another knot to secure.

9. Tie around your mum's neck to wear.

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